Instructional Support Strategist
Georgia Morris Elementary School


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I have been teaching for 18 years in the Rialto Unified School District. After embracing STEM teaching six years ago, I moved into an Instructional Support Strategist position. At Morris Elementary, I have been an intricate part of guiding students, teachers, and staff into the understandings of Environmental Literacy and the valuable impact we can make on our children. For a second year in a row, Morris Elementary School has received an award for becoming a California Green Ribbon School at the silver level. We now have our vegetable gardens, California native plant garden, citrus groves, solar panels, and a bottled water refilling station. We have completed the construction of our outdoor classroom where students can learn cross-curricular subjects outside. Morris Elementary School also has plans for two more bottled water refilling stations, a health and wellness natural preserve, and a waste management program including sorting, recycling, and composting. Our Saving Green Club gives students the opportunity to work outside in the Morris Elementary Community Garden and learn about gardening, science, and healthy living.
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