What is Green Apple?

Green Apple is a resource for school district sustainability staff, school staff and administration, and community volunteers to make an existing annual service day greener, establish a new sustainable service day tradition or implement a one-off project for big impact.

How do I register my project?

You do not need to register your project! After you have completed your project, share it with us on social media using #GreenAppleDay and/or email us with photos and results at [email protected]

What kind of projects can I do for Green Apple?

Green Apple encourages projects that move sustainability goals forward at a school campus. We emphasize the three pillars of a green school: reduced environmental impact, positive impact on health, and increased sustainability literacy. Check out our project ideas to help you decide what type of project to complete on your campus or create your own.

Take a look at our Project Guide to organize your own green school project.

When should I do my project?

Whenever works best for you! Green Apple is a resource to help set you up for success when carrying out your project, whenever that is.

My company wants to get involved in Green Apple Day of Service. How do we start?

Email us at [email protected] to let us know you are interested in showing support, and we will work with you to identify the best way to contribute that accomplishes your community impact goals.