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Steph Leonard is a Project Manager with USGBC in the West North Central Region. She is responsible for leading social equity projects – including ADVANCE campaigns, Green Schools engagement and Green Apple Day of Service, working with regional volunteers on local engagement and education, volunteer management and community outreach. Prior to joining USGBC she was the Community Engagement Manager for USGBC Minnesota Chapter. She is a passionate advocate for the benefits of living, learning, working and playing in healthy, sustainable environments. Steph brings nearly 20 years of non-profit experience to her position, having built her career working in community engagement through strategic direction, volunteer outreach, project management and fund development. She has focused her energies on education, environmental and health & wellness issues and awareness. She graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Minnesota in 2004. You can almost always find Steph outside - running, hiking, playing, paddling.
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