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Environmental Educator
The Lemberg Children's Center


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Janet, a progressive educator for over 30 years, became the Environmental Education Program Director at The Lemberg Children's Center in March, 2018. She has an extensive background in experiential education, thematic curriculum development, and music education. With an M.Ed. from Cambridge College in integrated, multi-disciplinary curriculum, she has guided students of all ages and facilitated teacher training workshops. She is also a Certified Sustainable Landscape Professional, a Green Building Professional and GreenPoint Rater who has worked with homeowners to design healthy, low-impact buildings and low-water native landscapes in California. As an organic gardener and permaculture designer, she has years of hands-on experience with low-maintenance, regenerative growing methods. She combines her passion for student-centered, active learning with the benefits of garden education as a gateway into connection with nature, healthy food choices, and essential life skills.
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