Our gift to future students

April 22, 2021

The project will include a class of senior year students, who are going to prepare grounds for the next generations when it comes to environmental protection and making our school more eco friendly. First the students are going to watch British Council's live event How can schools go carbon neutral? as an introduction to revising what they have already learned about carbon footprints in their English classes. The next activity will be creating a poster with a list of what our school already is doing to protect the environment, and hopefully a longer list of all the things it could do in the future. Next the students will do research on how their ideas could be brought into action and present them to each other, their teachers and the headteacher. In order for them to start making changes themselves, we are going to look for ideas on how to reduce our carbon footprints. We are going to calculate our carbon footprints before we start making changes in our routines and behaviour, and then again after a certain period of time. We are going to use the school web site to share our results and ideas. On the 22 of April, we will present our work as part of pur Earth day celebration.


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