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The global COVID-19 pandemic has turned our learning spaces upside down. With many of us working and learning from home, assessing the spaces in which we're spending productive time is more vital than ever. Ensure your home work spaces are set up for success this year.

There is plenty you can do to improve your at-home work areas, from clearing out a clutter-free space for yourself to reducing your home's energy usage.

Get Started

  • The Green Classroom Professional course, though originally created for K-12 schools, provides the information necessary to understand what supports or impedes healthy learning spaces. As you take the course, reflect on how the school environment relates to your student's new work spaces. When you complete the course, assess your space for improvements and rearrangements to improve the indoor environmental quality and productivity. Use the guidance and resources from the online course to make those changes.
  • Improve your home learning environment
    • Designate a specific space for working- this is the most important step in providing a sustainable home learning space. We recommend a well-lit area with limited technology distractions, views to the outdoors, and multiple options for seating.
    • Declutter the space to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Work surfaces and the spaces around them should be clear and void of any stray items
    • Provide as much daylight to your space as possible. Not only is it good for your circadian rhythms, daylight has proven to increase productivity.
    • Open windows and doors to ventilate the air throughout the room.
  • Get outside! If you have outdoor space, we recommend taking breaks from the indoors and see the outdoors as a second learning space. Explore nature through lessons suitable for at-home learning or just take your work outside for some fresh air.
  • Track, measure, and improve your home's efficiency with Arc. Use the free, online platform with your children to investigate and address how your home uses resources.

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