Get to know our Green Apple Day of Service champion: Lori Braunstein

Published on: 
September 19, 2014
Mari Martinez

In the spirit of Green Apple Day of Service (GADOS) being right around the corner, we wanted to profile one of our most successful and committed project captains, Lori Braunstein. Read below for her pro-tips and ideas on how to make the best of this year’s Green Apple Day of Service.  

Lori Braunstein is the Director for Green Schools and Community of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council. She has been involved with Green Apple Day of Service since last year, and has enlisted more than 100 projects to take place throughout the Delaware Valley.

In her role Lori likes to utilize the Green Apple Day of Service to help initiate and build relationships throughout her community between schools and local businesses.

Lori’s favorite part of participating in Green Apple Day of Service is the diversity of the projects and groups involved. Last year, she was involved in projects ranging from roof-top solar panels and classroom activities, to garden construction and green tours.

She also enjoys that Green Apple Day of Service isn’t just for K-12 and likes to invite the higher-ed community to particpate as well.

Check out Lori's tips on how to make the most of Green Apple Day of Service.

  1. Strive to have projects on September 27, but remember that having a project around September is ok too – the extra flexibility can make it easier to coordinate projects with schools.
  2. Don’t rely only on traditional outreach tactics like email. Instead use every form of communication available and personally reach-out to organizations and schools to establish partnerships.
  3. Use Green Apple Day of Service as a “calling card.” In other words, use GADOS as an opportunity to mark the launching of a school’s year-round commitment to green initiatives.
  4. Don’t focus exclusively on hosting big projects, encourage teachers and students to host their own mini projects in their classrooms and schools to maximize the impact of Green Apple Day of Service.

If you’re already hosting a project this year, don’t forget to invite the teachers in your life to join in on the action by making a simple commitment to participate in Day of Service.

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