Fun with Fitness in the Neighborhood

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Physical activity can come in all forms and at any time of day. Promote the health of students and staff by providing fun opportunities for active commuting and learning.

Providing an environment that encourages students to get up and move around is essential to their health. In 1969, 50 percent of America’s school students walked to school. Today, fewer than 5 percent do. One of many consequences over the last several decades is that 15 percent of our children are now considered obese. Encourage physical activity on the way to school, in the classroom, at recess, and in structured physical education courses—get up and move! 

Measure your impact

Track increased minutes of physical activity for students and staff, especially if you can sustain an increase over a long period of time.

Get started

  • Work with teachers to incorporate movement into their classes, with a goal of 50 percent of learning time active. Play learning games where students move around the room. Incorporate stand-and-sit sequences into lessons. Be creative!
  • Walking and biking to school is a great form of exercise. Does your school have goals for physical activity or obesity prevention? A walk/ride campaign may be something that city or school district health and wellness staff would love to support.
  • Get local law enforcement involved in a walk/ride day or a long-term campaign to ensure that everyone gets to school safely. Consider preparing for National Walk to School Day, aligning with Safe Routes to Schools, or participating in another national campaign.

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