Make an impact at your school this year with Green Apple Day of Service

Published on: 
September 19, 2018
Kristen Keim

With the school year in full swing, it’s time to take action on your commitment to school sustainability with Green Apple Day of Service. This year, we’ve made a commitment to helping your school make the biggest impact possible. Here’s what we’re focused on this year to inspire and support your school’s sustainability work.

All registered projects are nominated for a Green Apple Day of Service Award.

That’s right, any project registered on before March 15, 2019, will be entered in the running for a Green Apple Day of Service Award. Your registered project will be your award submission, so be sure to update your project profile with pictures and details of the event. This year, we’ll be looking for projects that address a critical sustainability issue for the school, engage volunteers and students and address at least one of the three pillars of a green school. Awards are presented on the main stage at the Green Schools Conference, and scholarships are available for recipients!

Show us your work on Twitter, and we’ll share it.

Share your Green Apple Day work on Twitter using #GreenAppleDay, making sure to tag your location and school and share pictures and details of the event, and we’ll retweet your project so it gains attention from our followers. Your project tweet will also be featured on in the project ideas page in our Twitter feed.

Registering your project provides you even more support this year.

We’ve teamed up with Shaw Contract and again to provide mini-grants to projects registered before March 15, while funding lasts. That’s $200 worth of supplies to make your school the greenest it can be. Check out our new fundraising page for detailed steps on accessing the mini-grants.

Get inspired and learn from other projects and project leaders.

When you register your project on, you’ll be invited to join the discussion in the Green Apple Day of Service Facebook Group. The group invites project leaders to join the conversation on project tips and ideas, fundraising and volunteer opportunities and storytelling. We’ve also added more project ideas to get you thinking about what critical sustainability issue you want to address this year. You can find example projects in each project idea to provide even more inspiration for your event. We’ve included some materials available through in each project idea that may be useful for completing the project.

Recognize your impact through Green Apple Day of Service.

On the project map page, we’ve archived all of the past registered projects since 2012. Your project will remain on the page, even after the school year ends—even more reason to update your project page with details and photos! We’re also keeping a tally of the impact that Green Apple Day of Service has made, so you’ll see in real-time how you affect those numbers once you register your project.

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