The Green Apple Day of Service: An especially valuable endeavor

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September 02, 2015
Joe Nelson

We can all agree that north of 300,000 volunteers actively contributing to healthy, safe, efficient, and productive learning environments is a tremendous benefit to the green schools movement. Each participant brings additional strength to the effort.

However, it is often overlooked that participation also has tremendous value for the students who decide to roll up their sleeves and dig in. Here are some of the ways Green Apple Day of Service is an especially valuable endeavor for you whether you’re currently a student, or just want to support the green schools effort:

  1. Experience: Whether your school is trying to create a new garden, paint walls with low-VOC paint, start a recycling program, or perform an energy audit, your involvement allows you to learn valuable skills. Taking a few hours to learn about any one of these projects, or others, is a wise investment of time.
  2. Understanding: Your participation gives you the opportunity to observe complexity in the greater issues of sustainability and education. You can witness change and progress while coming to recognize opportunity to improve the world around you, articulate why it matters, and identify how to start. That alone is powerful.
  3. Initiative: Infuse your life with action. Your participation exhibits that you are not only smart enough to see an opportunity, but that you are proactive and willing to put your efforts toward creating a transformation.
  4. Social Responsibility: With the challenges facing younger generations becoming more complex,demonstrated commitment to public service is important for development as a valued community member and global citizen. You will also find that this work is fulfilling and fun!
  5. Leadership: Organizing an event gives you the opportunity to empower others and create an impact larger than any individual can make on their own. Through Green Apple Day of Service, you can put into practice a highly sought after skill that will continue to provide you with opportunities throughout your career.

More than ever before, colleges and employers are looking for people who demonstrate—not just talk about—experience, understanding, initiative, social responsibility and leadership. These are the essential tools needed to address our greatest challenges, and the characteristics embodied by the most productive and responsible leaders today.

So why not start proving this now? The movement has already begun, opportunities exist, and the need is as great. Find a project near you or set free your own passions and address a need at a school you love by registering your own event.

You can do it. We are here to provide support and your community is waiting for you.

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