Sustainability at my home

November 02, 2018

GBCI India partnered with TERI School of Advanced Studies for the Climate Jamboree 2018, attended by over 7000 students from schools across the National Capital Region. Youth were engaged and and empowered to build a sustainable future through multiple workshops during the three day engagement.

GBCI India staff curated a two-hour session during the Climate Jamboree explaning the concepts of climate change, the role we can play as individuals for mitigation of climate change through water management, energy conevrsation, waste management and eating healthy food. Over 100 students from grade 5 to grade 11 were actively engaged through a presentation, brief skit, and group exercises, which culminated in the students taking a pledge to implement activities for effective resource conservation at home. Some of the activities identified as part of the pledge included regular water harvesting, using efficient appliances, ensuring no food wastage, and not using crackers for Diwali.


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Over 100 students that participated in our session titled "Sustainability at my home" were enthused to practice what they learnt during the interaction, and pledged to influence atleast five people (including friends, family and relatives) around them to take action for mitigating climate change.