Team Up for Greener Schools

Shaw Contract Group has teamed up with Green Apple Day of Service to support your efforts to transform a local school. Check out our list of project ideas below and get started leading the effort in your community.

Project types:

  • Spruce up a classroom: Do you have a special teacher you would like to reward? Is there a community space that needs some sprucing up? Flooring and paint can quickly upgrade a space, and sorting through old books, papers, and projects can free your room of clutter—and the harmful dust that might come with it.
  • Plant a garden: When kids see and learn about where their veggies come from, there’s a good chance they are going to eat more of them, which could help lower obesity rates and make our children healthier. Get your hands dirty by building a garden at a school in your community. Whether they are container gardens, raised beds, fruit trees or herb gardens, school gardens serve as hands-on classrooms for students of all ages. You can use planting a garden with students as an opportunity to teach lessons about plant cycles and the environment, as well as teamwork, responsibility and nutritional values.
  • Clean up a space: Do you have an area that has potential, but is overrun with weeds or has been taken over by garbage? Do you have a playground that is in such disrepair that it isn’t safe to use? Don’t lose out on valuable space that has seen better days. Create a project to clean it up and revamp it for student use.
  • Enhance your signage: Does your recycling program need a refresh? Making sure you have the proper signage to let students know what goes where could be a great project for your team to tackle.

 How to Get Started:

  1. You identify a project to help make your school healthier, safer, or more efficient. The project is not required to happen on September 26; you can choose any day that works for the team.
  2. Fill out the form below to tell us a bit more about your project.
  3. Shaw will work with you to create a budget and staffing needs plan.
  4. Recruit volunteers to staff the project (and sponsors, if needed, for any budget requirements). Shaw can assist in the process.
  5. Reach out to students, teachers, staff, and other community members to help with the project.
  6. Show up for your project and inspire your community.