Overnight Environmental Scientists

February 26, 2019

Our school has had the amazing opportunity to send our 5th graders to Nature Bridge for the last 20 years. With increasing costs, our students and their families are having a harder time affording to go. My students have been anticipating this field trip for several years; unfortunately, our school does not have the funds to send all students with little to no costs.

If this project is funded, my students will have the opportunity to learn and explore environmental sciences at a wonderful facility where they can engage in hands-on learning and inquiry-based research practices.

This project needs partial funding. My students are working hard to fundraise to lower the costs for their trip. They created games for our school's Harvest Festival and are planning on selling food and drinks at other school events. We are also working hard on our catalog and restaurant fundraisers for an additional lowered cost. Please help me give my students the opportunity to discover the world around them and commit to several practices to save the environment.


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Increased environmental & sustainability literacy