What Green Apple Day of Service means to me: Jennifer Seydel

Published on: 
Thursday, September 15, 2016
Jennifer Seydel

Every movement needs a moment…or two…or three…or many, all across the planet! The Green Apple Day of Service is one of those moments for the green, healthy, sustainable schools movement. I am continually amazed at the capacity for the Center for Green Schools™ at USGBC® to mobilize their volunteers all across the planet to transform classrooms, schools and schoolyards. The growing number of projects completed each year is a reflection of the growing desire to co-create a sustainable future.

One out of every six people—that’s close to 60 million—work, learn and play in our school buildings every year. Unfortunately, many of our schools still operate the way public education was designed in the mid-nineteenth century: preparing students for an industrial society that no longer exists. On Green Apple Day of Service, communities have the chance to create a new vision of what they want their children to learn, where they want their children to learn and how they want their children to learn. 

The diversity of Green Apple projects reflects these hopes and dreams: creating gardens that help children understand how to nurture their bodies, doing cleanup and ecological restoration projects that honor the integral connection between human health and ecological health, replacing old incandescent lights with more energy-efficient LED lights, tearing up asphalt playgrounds and replacing them with outdoor classrooms and natural play areas and transforming classrooms with desks in rows to beautiful learning environments with sustainably forested furniture. All of these projects reflect what we in the green schools movement believe—that each of the 60 million people who spend their days in our public schools deserve to work and learn in a healthy, sustainable place.  

Last year, my husband and I helped build a country sink for the Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Greenhouse at Spring Harbor Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as some garden beds at Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For us, because we know that transforming every K–12 school does not happen in just one day, Green Apple Day of Service is a year-round event.

Join the fun. Check out greenapple.org and find a school to transform. Make a commitment for this one day…and then decide how you can support their efforts to become a green, healthy and sustainable learning environment year-round! 

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Tell us you’re in: Green Apple Day of Service 2016

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Amanda Sawit

There’s still time to join us for Green Apple Day of Service on Saturday, Sept. 24, by participating in a service event near you. Tell us you’re in by signing up now

Green Apple Day of Service gathers parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations to transform schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments and celebrates our green schools champions across the globe.

For the past few weeks, we’ve shared some of our favorite event ideas and ways to track progress and measure the impact of your projects. Check out greenapple.org for more ideas, promotional tools and event resources for your project.

With more than 700 million students worldwide, and one-sixth of all Americans entering a K–12 school building each day, there is no questioning the enormity and urgency of the task before us. Both the way we educate and the way we take care of the school environment sends a tangible sign of a community’s willingness to provide an excellent and equitable education to all its students.

When we educate children, we guide them toward a future we hope they will create. We choose a sustainable future, and so we must educate students to prepare them to create it—in a place that inspires them. Together, we can transform our schools while teaching valuable lessons and cultivating the world’s next generation of sustainability leaders. 

Have you participated in a Green Apple Day of Service project this year? Let us know.

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First Indianapolis Public Schools to register Green Apple projects receive mini-grants (USGBC Indiana)

Published on: 
Monday, September 12, 2016
Doug Widener

Indianapolis Public Schools looking to green their schools this fall can get help with supplies from USGBC IndianaGreen Apple Day of Service gives parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments. This year’s Green Apple Day of service will take place on Saturday, Sept. 24. 

To encourage participation and offer support, USGBC Indiana’s Central Branch is offering three grants of $500 to the first three Indianapolis Public Schools to register their projects online.

We hope that these grants will open the door to a successful program for these three schools. I addition, members of the local USGBC Indiana Central Branch are available to assist with project selection and implementation. Tools are also available on mygreenapple.org

Register before Sept. 24 to ensure your project is eligible for the Indy Green Apple grants. Keep in mind that your event can be scheduled any time during the school year to accommodate the needs of your desired program. 

To see what other schools are doing, visit greenapple.org/dayofservice. For questions about Green Apple Day of Service in Indiana or if you are interested in having USGBC volunteers at your event, please contact USGBC Indiana.

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Champion health in our schools with Green Apple Day of Service 2016

Published on: 
Monday, August 22, 2016
Amanda Sawit

Schools have a direct impact on student and teacher health. Improving cleanliness, lighting quality, indoor air quality, lunchroom nutrition and physical activity can boost health and wellness and make the school day better for students, teachers and staff. 

Join us, and together, we’ll build a healthier, brighter future for our children. Here are some ideas for how to address health in your school: 

Assess the air

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, people spend 90 percent of their time indoors, where pollutant levels can reach levels significantly higher than outdoors. Going through an air quality audit or checklist helps identify possible sources of pollution and find solutions. 

Fun with fitness

Physical activity can come in all forms and at any time of day. Promote student and staff health by providing fun opportunities for active learning. Remember to track your impact through minutes of physical activity for students and staff, especially if you can sustain an increase over a period of time. In June, Green Sports Alliance hosted this year’s first flagship Green Apply Day of Service project at Yes Prep Northside in Houston, Texas. 

Adopt green cleaning practices

Green cleaning protects health and promotes better learning environments, reducing environmental hazards that negatively affect student growth and development. Training custodians on effective cleaning processes is essential for keeping schools healthy places for students to learn, which in turn keeps kids in school, achieving their highest potential. 

Don’t forget to track your progress: take note of minutes of physical activity, servings of fruits and vegetables eaten or reduced grams of sugar served. You can measure impacts on your school's environmental health by assessing school cleanliness, taking steps to improve lighting quality and evaluating indoor air quality through CO2 and humidity. For more ideas to support your community schools, visit greenapple.org

Have you done a Green Apple Day of Service project this year and want to share your story? Send a note to us

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Growing minds with Green Apple Day of Service 2016

Published on: 
Monday, August 8, 2016
Amanda Sawit

On Green Apple Day of Service, you can make an impact right inside the classroom. Advancing a culture of sustainability within schools means ensuring that students of all ages can acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that prepare them to lead and succeed in green 21st century careers. 

Join us for Green Apple Day of Service 2016 and together, we’ll plant the seeds of wonder, understanding and stewardship for a more sustainable future. Here are some ideas and resources to get you started! 

Learning Lab

USGBC’s Learning Lab has fantastic online resources to help K–12 educators and their students easily implement Green Apple projects. More than 300 project-based lessons in English and Spanish are free to access throughout the month of August—just sign up for your account, and enjoy the easy-to-follow, sustainability-infused curriculum on Learning Lab. 

Fun Food Connections

You can plant a school vegetable garden to help students understand where food comes from, or engage students in preparing fresh meals or snacks that they can enjoy on the spot. Food is a great way to connect with a wide audience and talk about sustainability issues spanning topics such as social justice, economics, agriculture, operations and health. Remember to track your efforts in increased servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains eaten by students or in decreased grams of sugars served or consumed on campus. 

Dynamic Visuals

Signs and murals allow a school to show its commitment to healthy and sustainable learning environments. Great signage can teach students and the rest of the community about the green (or could-be-greener) features of classrooms, bathrooms, cafeterias and hallways. A mural is a large-scale way to remind visitors and the school community about the school’s values. Students can lend their creativity to the effort, and it’s a great way to bring the arts into your sustainability efforts. 

For more ideas on fostering environmental literacy on Green Apple Day of Service, visit greenapple.org

And don’t forget to measure your impact! Keep track of the number of minutes allocated to environmental and sustainability concepts in class, or engage students through written work, art projects or even a fun post-event survey. 

Have you implemented a Green Apple Day of Service project in your school this year and want to share your results? Send your story to us

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Green Sports Alliance leads GADOS volunteers at Houston’s Yes Prep Northside

Published on: 
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Josh Lasky

As we gear up to celebrate the 2016 Green Apple Day of Service on Sept. 24, let’s take some inspiration from the communities who have come together to make a difference in their schools thus far. 

The first Green Apple Day of Service flagship project of the year took place this past June, in conjunction with the 2016 Green Sports Alliance Summit, one of the largest gatherings for the sports community aimed at improving the environmental performance of large public spaces. The Green Sports Alliance teamed up with Connor Sports and partners HOK, Excel Dryer and USGBC Texas for a school makeover project at Yes Prep Northside charter high school in Houston, Texas. 

"It's important that we engage with the communities where we host the Summit each year and make a positive impact," said Justin Zeulner, Green Sports Alliance executive director. "The collaboration between the organizations involved in this year's Green Apple Day of Service truly exemplified 'The Power of Partnerships' theme for this year's Summit." 

Enjoy this video by @flolinemedia of our Green Apple Day of Service at @ns_pride! And special thanks to our sponsors @connorsports @hoknetwork @usgbc @drivemg #xlerator #GreenSports #GreenAppleDay

A video posted by Green Sports Alliance (@greensportsalliance) on Jun 28, 2016 at 5:29pm PDT

More than 50 volunteers constructed raised-bed planters and made improvements to schoolyard green spaces for Yes Prep’s Garden Club. The project also included upgrades to the school’s physical education storage and weight training facilities in support of student health and wellness. 

“We’re incredibly proud of the team that came together to improve Yes Prep’s school grounds and physical education facilities,” said Anisa Baldwin Metzger, school district sustainability manager of the Center for Green Schools at USGBC. “Projects like this are providing much-needed transformation of school facilities while advancing a culture of sustainability and health for our children.” 

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Make an impact on the school environment: Green Apple Day of Service

Published on: 
Thursday, July 21, 2016
Jesse McElwain

Wondering how you can make an impact on the school environment? Join us for Green Apple Day of Service 2016! 

On Sept. 24, join communities around the world in making school environments healthier and more efficient spaces to learn, work and play. Here are some ideas for how to organize a Green Apple Day of Service event that focuses on reducing our collective effect on the environment: 

Reduce energy use by assessing school lighting. How, when and where is energy consumed around the school? Are there opportunities to replace old, ineffective lighting with more energy-efficient, better-quality products? Can equipment be turned off or powered down during non-use hours?

Check out this video about a recent LED lighting retrofit project at Leckie Elementary School in Washington, D.C., led by Center for Green Schools partner Energy Focus.

Rethink your school’s use of water resources. Are there opportunities to conserve water and teach students about the value of saving this important resource? Are there simple ways to put rainwater to use? (Hint: planting a school garden or installing a rain barrel are great ways to retain and reuse stormwater.) 

Reduce, reuse, recycle. What if some of the items we send to the landfill go elsewhere instead? How can we improve school recycling programs to divert as much waste from landfill as possible, and are there ways for schools to reuse nontraditional forms of waste, such as food scraps and textiles?  

Tips for measuring your impact: Take note of how many kilowatt hours of energy are saved, gallons of water conserved, pounds of waste kept out of the landfill or square feet of wildlife habitat restored or created. Then, share your accomplishments with us.

Want more ideas? Take a look at our full list of opportunities to get into your schools. 

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More than scraping gum off desks: Green Apple Day of Service 2016

Published on: 
Monday, July 11, 2016
Amanda Sawit

Join us on Sept. 24 for the 2016 Green Apple Day of Service, and help make an impact on schools worldwide. 

All over the world, communities are coming together to improve local schools, making an impact on the environment, supporting health and wellness and advancing environmental and sustainability literacy. School may have just gotten out for the summer, but the time is right to start a Green Apple Day event near you. 

Getting involved is easy.

Visit greenapple.org for ideas and resources, and sign up to host an event in your community. 

We make a difference together.

Since 2012, an astounding 12,660 projects have taken place under the Green Apple Day of Service banner. More than 750,000 volunteers have affected the learning environments of 7 million students in all 50 U.S. states, as well as 73 countries. 

Have a story about your involvement? We want to hear it!

This year, we’re keeping the momentum going strong and spotlighting the amazing commitments made between now and Sept. 24. Follow the Center for Green Schools on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your stories, or email the Center. We’ll be sharing stories and photos in the weeks to come. 

We know that the school environment has a direct impact on students, teachers and staff, but unfortunately, many schools today face obstacles to promoting health and wellness in their facilities. According to the recent State of Our Schools: America’s K–12 Facilities report, the U.S. faces a projected annual shortfall of $46 billion in school funding to adequately maintain or build new schools that are healthy and efficient. The Green Apple Day of Service is your opportunity to directly address these challenges. 

Together, we can transform our schools into healthy, vibrant places to learn, work and play while teaching valuable lessons about the environment and cultivating the world’s next generation of sustainability leaders. 

Take action. Make an impact. Start today at greenapple.org.