Clear Out The Clutter

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We don’t always think about it, but dust comes from our clothes, our skin, and various other items we use during the day. It also, importantly, contains dust mites and cockroach dander (yes, it’s true!) that can be very harmful to breathe, especially to kids with asthma or other respiratory problems.

Train Custodians on Green Cleaning

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Green cleaning protects health and promotes better learning environments, reducing environmental hazards that negatively affect childhood growth and development. Training custodians on effective cleaning processes is essential for helping schools keep kids healthy, in school, and achieving at their highest potential.

Our mission

With more than 700 million students worldwide and one-eighth of the world's population entering a K-12 school building each day, there's no questioning the enormity and urgency of the task before us.

How we educate and take care of our schools sends a tangible signal of a community's willingness to provide a strong education to all its students. Many of our schools simply send the wrong message: stuffy, poorly lit, overcrowded and sometimes toxic environments unfit for learning.

Poor air quality leads to more colds, flus and asthma attacks. Deficient ventilation makes it difficult to focus and stay alert; inadequate lighting can cause headaches and disrupt sleep cycles; and bad acoustics render kids unable to hear lessons.

When we educate a child, we choose the future we hope he or she creates. We choose a sustainable future, and so we must educate students to prepare them to create it — in a place that inspires them. Learn more about the state of America's K-12 facilities »

Our kids deserve better. Where they learn matters.

Green Apple gives schools, individuals, companies and organizations the opportunity to transform all our schools into greener, healthier places to learn.

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What is Green Apple Day of Service?
Green Apple Day of Service is a unique moment to join schools across the world to celebrate the central role that schools play in preparing the next generation of leaders in sustainability. A school’s event is an opportunity to give students hands-on experience with sustainability, strengthening civic leadership, environmental literacy, and project management skills. Since it began in 2012, the Day of Service has inspired almost a million people in over 70 countries to act in support of sustainability at their schools.
What kind of projects can I do for Green Apple Day of Service?
Your project should make measurable change on one or more of the three pillars of a green school: environmental impact, health and wellness, and environmental and sustainability literacy. To be a Green Apple Day of Service project, it should make this impact at a school in a way that directly and positively affects the students. Our Project Ideas page and the “99 Project Ideas” resource can help you think through what might work best for your school community.
When should I do my project?
Projects register at the start of the school year and then can happen any time August 2018 through June 2019. Projects can only receive official support with funding, volunteers, and other resources if they are registered by March 15, 2019. We encourage schools to think about the right time for a day of action at your campus and build on existing efforts or momentum.
We already have a school service day. What’s different about Green Apple Day of Service?

Green Apple Day of Service is unique for three reasons: its scale, its goals, and the resources it offers to schools. The Day of Service involves tens of thousands of volunteers each year in dozens of countries around the world. You and your school can be part of something that has big impact beyond your campus. The goals of the day are unique: bringing sustainability action and a focus on K-12 education together in one day.

The Day of Service celebrates action around the globe to both impact the environment at a school campus and teach students important lessons about sustainability. A regular school service day can be a Green Apple Day of Service if it is addressing these goals. Finally, the Day of Service is special because it gives schools direct support for their days of action. If you register your project through, you can receive planning support, funding and volunteers that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you.

How can I get funding for my Day of Service project?
Depending on your project, you may need funding for materials, equipment, expertise, and professional support. Members of your community and/or local businesses are often willing to help. We've outlined several options in our Fundraising Tips resource. For materials and supplies, these tips include registering your project on the crowd funding platform During Green Apple Day of Service project registration, which takes place on your account page, you'll find instructions for how to link your page to your Day of Service project. When the two are linked, your project qualifies for limited funds from Green Apple Day of Service. These mini grants are given on a first come, first served basis, up to $200 per project. Please note that accounts are only available to educators in public and charter schools in the U.S. Find out more about
How can I get volunteers for my Day of Service project?
Most Green Apple Day of Service projects recruit volunteers from local booster clubs, parent groups, professional associations, and service-oriented local clubs. If you need additional help, USGBC's local staff may be able to recruit volunteer professionals with skill sets to help you with sustainability at your school. When you register your project, the registration page will ask you if you would like help from USGBC in locating volunteers—simply check off the box indicating your interest, and we will reach out.
My company wants to get involved in Green Apple Day of Service. How do we start?
The Center for Green Schools is asking companies and organizations to join us in supporting schools for Green Apple Day of Service by funding scholarship packages for specific communities or for projects with a specific sustainability topic. Scholarship packages start at $5,000 and enable an organization to: (1) support schools and teachers by funding service day materials, (2) inspire increased school participation through incentives for action, and (3) support our effort to spread the word about Green Apple Day of Service through a targeted communications campaign. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

About the Center for Green Schools

The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the organization behind Green Apple Day of Service, was founded to ensure green schools for every child in this generation. At the Center, we believe that all students deserve the opportunity to attend schools that sustain the world they live in, enhance their health and well-being and prepare them for 21st century careers. Learn more »


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About the Green Apple Day of Service

Raise Awareness of Outdoor Air Risks

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We’re surrounded by air, but we can’t always see when it’s dirty. The air pollutants and toxins that make the air dirty can cause adverse health effects. Protect children from air pollution, especially those with asthma, with the EPA’s School Flag Program and the no idling campaign.

Reduce Energy Use

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Did you know that buildings consume approximately 39 percent of the energy and 74 percent of the electricity produced annually in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Energy?

Assess School Lighting

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Did you know that buildings consume approximately 39 percent of the energy and 74 percent of the electricity produced annually in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Energy?

Reduce Water Use

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According to the EPA, each year more than 1 trillion gallons of water pass through our sink faucets in the United States. How and where is water being used around your school?

Put Rainwater to Use

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According to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, during an average rainstorm more than 700 gallons of water run off the roof of a typical home. That’s enough water to take 17 baths or 58 showers!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Schools throw away a lot of trash, most of which goes to landfill. But what if some of the items we send to the landfill could go elsewhere instead? Almost half of school waste is organics like food and yard cuttings and around 30 percent is paper—we can do better!

Fun with Fitness in the Neighborhood

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Physical activity can come in all forms and at any time of day. Promote the health of students and staff by providing fun opportunities for active commuting and learning.