Learning Garden Maintenance Day at DECA Prep

October 21, 2017

We’ve decided to return to DECA Prep, a Dayton charter school, with the Dayton area GADOS this year. Two years ago we had a large event there and built them a new learning garden. We will return on Oct 21st and make some repairs and improvements to their garden, which they actively use as a centerpiece of their STEM program. The plan is to:
- Move/remove the pea gravel "outdoor classroom" area which is not working for them – it’s a problem/distraction with the kids every time they use the garden.
- Order/bring in an inch or two of soil/compost for that area and spread it.
- Seed the area with cool season grass
- Set up a temporary watering system for just the first two weeks to get the seed to germinate with a temporary layer of clear plastic overtop to block in solar heat to germinate the seed (since it’s gotten cooler).
- Repair/improve the corners of the beds that are currently uneven/shifting
- If we have time, do general garden maintenance

Intended impact of project

Increased environmental & sustainability literacy