Hartford Academy of Engineering and Green Technology's Solar Shed Build with Legrand

In partnership with Legrand, North and Central America's Better Communities employee volunteer program, Hartford Public High School is constructing a new solar powered shed within their soon to be community garden.

The mission of Hartford High School Academy of Engineering and Green Technology is to graduate Hartford students with 21st Century skills who are prepared to succeed in post-secondary education and careers in engineering and green technologies. Students participate in courses to learn how science and math are used to design and construct the equipment, structures, and power/energy sources that impact our world.

As part of Legrand's Better Schools focus and alignment with the Center for Green School's mission, we will be working with students to build the solar and wind powered shed, funded with the help of Legrand employee donations, for their community garden. We will also assemble picnic tables and help with landscaping and painting/staining of structures for the school courtyard.

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy