GREEN SCHOOL - Zelena škola

Primary school Jure Kaštelan has been an eco-shool for many years. This year the name of our school eco project is Green school. This year we plan to celebrate the Green Day on 27th September. On that day we are going to have different eco- activities in which all the pupils and teachers will be involved.
Moreover, our school has an eco committee and an eco patrol, which take care that our classrooms and our school playgrounds are clean and tidy. We are going to celebrate important eco days. We are going to take care of the school environment and plant flowers and other plants. We are going to collect used paper, batteries and plastic bottles. Children are going to take care of plants and medicinal herbs in the classrooms and in our school garden. We are going to have lectures and workshops on specific topics concerning ecology, we are going to decorate our pinboards , talk about sustainable development and the importance of ecology for people from the whole planet.
The subproject of this project is World Bread Day. Moreover, this year we are going to participate in the project: Hunting Plants.

Intended impact of project

Increased environmental & sustainability literacy