Ecosystems In MX

This project studies the ecosystems of MX. While students are engaged in this project, they will gain an understanding of how ecosystems sustain wildlife. They will also appreciate that these specialized environments support a diverse plant and animal population.


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What can Students, teachers, and the community learn and get from Ecosystems in MX?
The support actions dedicated to the management of protected natural areas, the sustainable explotation of biological natural resources (forest, fisheries, hunting) and the promotion of biological resources (ecotourism, food gathering networks).
These actions should contribute the following:
1. Extend and improve the protection of ecosystems, notably with or for the benefit of local populations.
2. Promote biodiversity, notably to the benefit of local population via the development of sustainable channels.
We will focus on sites that are the richest in terms of biodiversity and the most threatened and sites and ecosystems that contribute the most to sustainable development and poverty alleviation.