Creating Ocean Awareness for Our Student Body

May 09, 2019

This team of students is passionate about creating awareness among our student body of the many issues threatening our oceans today including plastic pollution, oil pollution, over-fishing, ocean acidification and climate change. Because we live in a land-locked state, many students in our school do not understand the many impacts facing the oceans and all of the life living there. This group plans to enhance two salt water aquariums in our main office and start a new 75-gallon tank as part of their school-wide ocean awareness campaign. In addition to starting a new tank , they will educate students about ocean awareness through video announcements, school-wide lessons in homeroom and by showing the movie "Chasing Coral". This is part of their Sustainability Project for AP Environmental Science class where students are challenged to increase environmental sustainability in our school or community in some way. These projects are completely student led and are presented to a panel of experts at completion.


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