Banyan Creek Elementary Science Garden Clean-up Project

December 08, 2018

There is an existing Science Garden at Banyan Creek Elementary that was in need of cleaning up, replanting of planter beds, painting of planter beds and benches, etc. School volunteers (students, staff and parents) along with members of the local business community (PGAL) gathered at the garden to clean up and to plant wonderful native species of plants in the planter beds. These plants will help to educate students about the importance of understaning the local ecosystem, the importance of using native plants to reduce water use and to promote and support local wildlife. The plants selected are butterfly and pollinator attractors as well. Class lessons will integrate and incorporate activities in the garden.


Students attended


Staff attended


Additional Volunteers attended


Students will be impacted this year

Intended impact of project

Reduced environmental impact
Increased environmental & sustainability literacy

Impact of project

Environmental and habitat restoration
Energy and/or water conservation
Educated on sustainable skills and practices

More impact of project

The restoration of the Science Garden at Banyan Creek Elementary School will help students understand the importance of knowing about native plants and the South Florida habitat of butterflies and other pollinators. They will also learn about water conservation and how to support our native ecosystems.