Adopt a Monarch Friend

March 17, 2018

This program aims to involve ITJ high school students in MX City as administrators of monarch butterfly monitoring information and as tutors in a collaborative, formative, affective and social process that supports elementary school children participants in this biological monitoring. All this through a virtual platform, through weekly sessions of remote interaction and culminating with an annual meeting to meet your sponsored child.


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All monitoring information is reported to the National Commission on Protected Natural Areas. In addition, the ITJ donates a computer room for each participating school, which is available to the entire school community, from students, teachers to parents. The participating high school students perform an activity that coincides with the current educational challenges: to train professionals in an integral way, developing in them values, attitudes, skills and abilities that effectively involve them in the attention to the vulnerable population and at social risk of our country. On the other hand, the children monitors of the Monarch Butterfly, besides benefiting in the improvement of their academic skills and in their social and affective development, acquire the bases for an ecological and sustainable conscience, capable of proposing solutions to the environmental problematic of your community.