4th grade bee loving and edible planting project

May 31, 2017

We talked about the declining bee population, and how that could impact our food supply. We talked about the use of pesticides and the role they may be playing in the decline of the bee population, along with loss of habitat and climate change. The class eagerly discussed ways to encourage bees to come to their yard, including planting perennial plants, providing a water source for bees, and providing shelter for them. The class had been learning about healthy eating choices, so we also talked about growing your own herbs, and each student planted a basil seed and a bee loving plant in a compostable pot to take home to plant in their own yard.


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Many of the students were shocked to learn that 42% of bee colonies in the US collapsed in 2015 alone. We looked at a sheet to help identify a bee from a wasp or hornet, and the kids were eager to participate in the discussion on how to help increase the bee population. Some students talked about plants they already had in their yard that bees and butterflies love. I saw a few parents after the project, and they said that the plants were in the ground and their student was waiting for them to grow!